inkWorks Uses the Sun to Power Up New Equipment

March 27th was a very exciting day for inkWorks printing, at 6:30 this morning the power was cut at inkWorks, and normally that would be a bad thing, but this time, it was not the case. When the lights when back on a few hours later, we were solar power supported!

This was a long process, but work finally started at inkWorks on March 12th, 2019. A great group of guys from Arc Electric showed up in cold, windy, rainy, sunny March day’s to install the Plymouth, Wisconsin’s largest solar energy system.

Launch Day



The Plymouth Review Write:

With Arch Electric’s work done, the biggest solar energy system in Plymouth now belongs to InkWorks.

InkWorks President Bob Travis said the project was conceptualized by Arch Electric’s Commercial Solar Experience Manager Dan Steinhardt. “It was probably a year ago that Dan came into my office,” Travis said. “Dan was actually driving by. He drove by, came in and said, ‘You know, the way your building is positioned, it would be ideal for solar panels. Would you be interested?’ We sat down, he talked through it, and he laid out a proposal for us.”

Travis explained why he accepted Arch Electric’s pitch. “As a business owner I have a responsibility to grow our business and I believe solar helps us achieve this in 3 distinct ways.

1. Attract and Retain Employees: Like all companies, we need to attract and retain millennial workers, renewable energy and sustainable practices clearly align with the values of today’s workforce.

2. Achieve New Sales: Many of our existing customers and potential customers have projects that require sustainable inputs, solar helps us market to these customers.

3. Improve Financial Results: Tax credits, grants and energy savings help to make this a short-term cash neutral proposition, which will yield long-term cost reduction.

The real bottom line, we want to be a better corporate citizen and this project helps us provide a cleaner environment for our community, our employees and our stakeholders. Because of this attitude, it is impossible to find a reason why we wouldn’t invest in solar.”

The project cost around $140,000 total, with a grant covering 20-25 percent of that.”

To read the full article Click on the link below and download the whole article:

Arch Electric completes major solar installations _ Plymouth Review[1]

Solar energy is just the lastest thing that inkWorks does to be a responsible business in this community. Solar energy is just the beginning of the many expansion plans inkWorks has for 2019.  This new energy source is also the foundation for the added equipment inkWorks is bringing online. 2019 will be an exciting year for inkWorks with many new opportunities and expansion.


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